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Aktuális hír
2020. október 5.

Dear Parents,

Also children have less severe illness from Covid-19 compared to adults, recent evidence suggests that children have the same or higher viral loads in their throat as adults, and that they can spread the virus effectively.

According to our infection prevention policy we try to minimize potential harm of visiting the clinic.


In case you need medical advice or visit, please call first the clinic (+36 1 3498 182 or

+36 70 391 5728) or your paediatrician.


Up on the symptoms we will decide whether we can handle the problem through telemedicine, or your child needs in-person physical exam.

Sick-visits and well-child visits (like vaccination) are separated in different times of the day, so you are kindly asked to arrive to the clinic according to the appointment,

Please, remain outside (or stay in your vehicle) until you are called in, wear mask,and use the disinfectant as you enter.


Please prepare your child that we wear protective equipment (mask, face-shield, gown, gloves).